The first of all, ChaitanyaSrushti facilitates you with fresh air & mind freshening atmosphere. At ChaitanyaSrushti, your day starts with the singing of birds. The full throated noises break the morning silence. Breeze snaps with every little bit of your being at ChaitanyaSrushti till the Sun covers entire land. You are greeted by the wonderful beginning of a day your holiday.

The typical Konkani rural ambience simply takes you away from the rush of unruly crowds. ChaitanyaSrushti; where silence vies with charm & quaint nature seek your blessed arrival. As you are in the company of Lord Ganesh; a magic prevalls in the air. Even the fall of leaf disturbs the silence. Every visitors mind is enveloped in hues of green ambience & red soils. With both Sun and shade by your side and the fragrance of medicinal of medicinal and aromatic plants in the environs the place is sure to rebuild your mind with a stress free beginning.

Revitalize your body with healthy ethnic cuisine cooked & served in traditional Konkani way on a grand buffet, that would leave you spell bound. The recipes are sure to tickle your taste buds to the core. If you want to really unwind and attain peace of mind, walk ahead into the misty gardens in oour premises, towards specially places cottages surrounded by trees. A perfect mix between the nature & the man made. Peace and solitude are here to stay as you enjoy the comforts of ChaitanyaSrushti.